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My 2007 Edublog Award nominations

Nominations for the 2007 Edublog Awards will be accepted through Nov. 20.  Voting should begin around Nov. 24.  Here are my picks for some, not all, categories:

  • Best individual blog Dangerously Irrelevant by Dr. Scott McCleod
    Dr. McCleod is a generous, selfless, and responsive member of the edublogosphere who deserves the recognition.
  • Best group blog Leader Talk sponsored by CASTLE (Center for Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education)
    What a treat it is for me (a teacher/learner) to read the perspectives of education administrators who also struggle with the theory and practice of technology infusion.
  • Best new blog ThinkTime by Jennifer Lubke
  • Best designed blog Newly Ancient by Arthus
    a beautiful blog written from a student perspective
  • Most influential blog post The Ripe Environment at Discourse about Discourse by Ben Wilkoff
    Without question this award will go to Did You Know/Shift Happens, the slideshow by Karl Fisch that went viral last spring. It was phenomenal and deserves credit for the impact it made within edtech circles and way beyond.
    Nonetheless, I have referred to Wilkoff’s post on a number of occasions here at ThinkTime, and I have cited Wilkoff in my independent inquiry about Web 2.0 and new teacher induction. “The Ripe Environment” combined with George Siemens’ powerful post It’s not about tools. It’s about change, have served as guideposts for me this semester.
  • Best teacher blog Remote Access by Clarence Fisher
  • Best librarian/library blog The Unquiet Library by Buffy Hamilton, “unquiet librarian” and media specialist at Creekview High School, Georgia, USA
  • Best educational wiki Interactive Web Applications by the American Library Association
  • Best educational use of a social networking service Classroom 2.0 founded by Steve Hargadon on the Ning platform
    My first foray into social networking has been a wholly positive experience because of this amazing virtual professional development community nurtured and maintained by Hargadon and a host of volunteer moderators.



Think on this:

"What if we just ignored the status of students in other countries? That wouldn’t be especially neighborly, but at least we wouldn’t be viewing the gains of children in other lands as a troubling development."

Alfie Kohn

"When I hear people say it's our job to create the 21st century workforce, it scares the hell out of me. Our job is to create 21st-century citizens. We need workers, yes, but we also need scholars, activists, parents -- compassionate, engaged people."

Chris Lehmann

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