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My independent study is starting to kick into high gear. The study’s focus is on using the read/write web to support school-based induction of new and novice teachers. I am trying to understand the enabling conditions and barriers that must be considered before a professional learning community can flourish with these tools. It seems to me that one of the most important conditions to explore is the school system’s policy regarding web publishing and appropriate use.

I am looking for examples of policies that embrace (rather than forbid) use of networks, blogs, wikis, instant messaging, and other web-based tools that encourage reflection and collaboration.

If you belong to a campus or school district that has recently refined, revised, or completely overhauled policy to reflect 21st century collaborative computer technologies, please contact me.

I am especially interested in how large, diverse public school systems are adapting. How did the reform effort start? What hurdles or stumbling blocks were encountered? And what does the final policy look like?

Please share your examples of progressive web policy!

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"What if we just ignored the status of students in other countries? That wouldn’t be especially neighborly, but at least we wouldn’t be viewing the gains of children in other lands as a troubling development."

Alfie Kohn

"When I hear people say it's our job to create the 21st century workforce, it scares the hell out of me. Our job is to create 21st-century citizens. We need workers, yes, but we also need scholars, activists, parents -- compassionate, engaged people."

Chris Lehmann

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