Brush with an edublog celeb

This afternoon I received my first lesson in the blogging phenomenon known as “backlinking.”

Much to my surprise, I received a complimentary email from Karl Fisch, an instructional technologist whose blog I had cited in a previous post. It took me several minutes to figure out how he even knew I had linked to his blog. I poked around under the settings menu in Blogger, and that’s how I learned about backlinks, a tool for bloggers who want to keep track of who is linking to their posts. Cool.

Karl gave some helpful feedback and suggested another popular edublog to check out, Will Richardson’s weblogg-ed. (I already subscribe to it.)

He also politely suggested I turn on the comments feature in my blog. (I thought I had done this, but apparently I had not. Oh well, I was due for a “duh” moment.)


1 Response to “Brush with an edublog celeb”

  1. 1 Karl Fisch 23 March, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    Well, I don’t know about “celeb” – that might be stretching it just a bit!

    While I do have backlinking turned on, I actually found you through RSS. I have saved “searches” with both Google Blog Search and Technorati in my RSS aggregator that tell me anytime anyone in a blog links back to The Fischbowl. It’s another way to participate in – and keep track of – the conversations.

    Thanks for turning on comments – may this be the first of many!

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